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Contact Information for Decks Works in Colorado Springs

Contact Information for Decks Works

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Decks are an investment and sometimes considered a luxury item, and as with most investments it requires all decision makers to be present and involved. Commonly we are asked about "the basic and simple deck". We have found the day of the one wood, one rail, one shape option decks are no longer desired.

The value of our time to learn your goals, and visions will be reflected in your finished project.

We ask that all decision makers set aside comfortably an hour to two hours for your design consultation and help us help you. Our job is to learn your details, manage your expectations and create a plan of action. We invite you to a phone consultation prior to scheduling an onsite visit.
The purpose of the initial phone consultation is to:

  • Determine your needs to meet your life style
  • Set expectations around budget and timeframes
  • Determining your desired design needs (roofs, fire places, lighting, outdoor kitchens, sun issues, wind issues, etc.)
  • Material options, Composite, Wood, and Exotics
  • Until a design is created we can only talk of your deck in general terms
  • Do you have your own detailed design? If not we can help with our design service agreement.

Our design service agreement is fee based for time and services rendered. It is not obligatory for construction. All design consultation fees will be rebated on the chosen project options if you choose to work with us. Release of the design will be done once a construction contract is signed. It is money well spent to see a spectrum of design options with our good, better and best scenarios.

A design in hand helps us to establish a present and future scenario prior to the good, better and best options. Having a master plan creates options to subtract line options to suite a budget and the possibility of adding it back in the future. We hope this is viable in your planning and strongly consider the value this brings to your home. Deck Works stands for what you believe in. If you are looking for free deck ideas our gallery is open for your viewing. Until then, we are excited and look forward to working with you. No two decks are ever the same and we understand your house is your home.

"Deck Works Where Custom Isn't Enough"

Jason Porter

Decorative Stamped Concrete by Deck Works, Colorado Springs Decorative Stamped Concrete by Deck Works, Colorado Springs Decorative Stamped Concrete by Deck Works, Colorado Springs

What Our Customers Say

Jason and his team delivered exactly what they promised. The deck has elegant features that everyone who visits truly admires. The features were ideas brought to the table by Jason, and they added very little cost. Thank You Deck Works and Jason!
-Ray Celaya